Dick Bogers, nice to meet you.

Graphic design is a fascinating profession, it’s no longer what its name infers. With smartphones, tablets, tv’s, programmable radiators, smartwatches, and numerous other modern media to show up in the foreseeable future, it has become a very dynamic field.

As a designer, I love combining these modern, less tested and conventional technologies, with more traditional technologies. There are endless opportunities at the moment for innovating and creating unique experiences to capture people’s attention. From web-design to book design, from laser-cutting to painting, these options have never been more interchangeable. Today, there’s no longer a clear limit to our imagination and capabilities.

My goal in every project is to go beyond my own and my client’s expectations and make intelligent design with a combination of technology and insight in a highly creative and collaborative process. Working in an inspiring atmosphere with people devoted to their work and projects is most important to me in this process.
It makes working feel extremely effective and efficient.

My background in education is a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the Netherlands, with a year exchanged to the highly renowned Maryland Institute College of Art in the United States.