SolarBar visualisations

About the project

A festival-bar fully run on solar power. Using their expertise in the solarpanel industry, van Dyck solar developed the SolarBar.

It is a sustainable solution for large events. This project involved 3D- visualisation of the bar, in multiple forms, and it’s placement on location.

Go to van Dyck Solar for more information on their solar-related projects!

Visualisation location Ossendrecht

About the project

A film project for the Dutch Police Academy. To showcase their plans for the future of training location Ossendrecht they needed 3D visualisations of various construction projects and plans compiled along with photographs of the current state of the location into one informative video.

Project included 3D modelling & rendering, photography (by Elise Borsboom), motion graphics and video-editing.

Nederland Rugbyland

About the project

An ipad application and a series of posters developed for the “Nederland Rugbyland” nationwide campaign, aimed at increasing the popularity of rugby in the Netherlands.

Design included concept development (information structuring, wire-framing), photography, graphic design and development up to a working prototype.

Reint Tiggelaar

About the project

Visual identity for product designer and technician Reint Tiggelaar.

The project included the design of a new logo, business-card and a wordpress-based website, to function as a portfolio for projects in both professions.

Site can be visited here


About the project

Talentfabriek or Talent Factory is a local platform for young creatives to share their visual art and music with their local surroundings. Being a government social initiative, it aims at creating more opportunities for local artists by actively pushing their content towards the people in their town or city.

The web-design is highly user-experience orientated and aims at delivering aesthetic visuals and audio while remaining subtle.


About the project

Branding project for a new line of products under the HOOD dairy brand.
HOOD CLASSIC TASTE is focused on old fashioned quality, sustainability and the “real dairy experience”. Products are delivered a modern equivalent of the milkman and all products come from animal-friendly farms.

Depicted is the brand-book which featured the logo, packaging, delivery-costume and prints for the delivery-vehicle. Emphasis during the design-process was; pure and simple.

Faector & ECD

About the project

Faector is a society for young econometricians, it hosts large events for career-advice and arranges large meets and parties for it’s members. Their old trademark, name and identity had been in use for too long and were ready for an update.

With this came a renovation of most of their visual communications, which included poster template, pitchbook, monthly magazine and social media graphics, which I provided.

The Econometric Career Days, an event hosted by Faector were in need of a new identity as well, as a result came their new ECD logo.

A strong brand…

About the project

Branding has always been a personal fascination of mine. It’s all around us and influences us in more ways than we can imagine.

This book is a collection of guidelines in creating efficient and powerful design, which is the driving force behind a strong brand.

Features 10 different ‘brand commandments’, a infographic foldout explaining what branding is and where it came from and a hand sculpted heart with famous brands etched into it.

Thesis – A ‘brand’ new world

About the project

Most branding in this world enters our mind without us even noticing. We have become so accustomed to being bombarded by companies that we no longer care. Because of this, branding has gotten a negative connotation among designers. But some companies seem to be using their brand for good, green or even humanitarian purposes.

How serious are these brands about giving mankind a helping hand? Is it all about being good? Or is there an evil plot at work underneath these sweet coatings of branding? In my thesis ‘A brand new world” I examined three brands famous for their responsible image and try to find out what their actual motives are.


About the project

Photographic mural for one of the oldest brands of the Netherlands: HEMA.

Their iconic product is the HEMA “rookworst” (traditional Dutch smoked sausage), which I used in their mural to portray what is at the very core of this brand.

A brand that has, since it foundation in 1926, expanded it’s catalogue with thousands of different products.


About the project

Christians, philosophers, musicians and extreme sporters, four sub-cultures that could not be further apart, and seemingly impossible target-group to create a book for, but SUB CULTURE CLASH tries anyways.

Including stories that show connections between these cultures and also their differences and indifferences towards each other.

Web design


Web design is the future.

That is my bold statement. Print is slowly disappearing, and web is constantly changing. Creating websites without capabilities for mobile phones and tablets is already horribly outdated, while the birth of the first Iphone hasn’t even been ten years. We are moving in a rapidly changing medial landscape and it will keep offering us new capabilities every day.

These developments interest me, and guide me in designing. Even though most browsers and computers now have the power to play the most extravagant animations and use the craziest features, usually this will not give the visitor a better experience. It is hard to know what works and what doesn’t in a field that keeps changing so rapidly.

To find out what really works, and doesn’t just look pretty, is what I focus on in web-design.

Small projects


Poster design